Raagi Dose

Payaswini's Recipes

1 cup Black gram
1 tsp. Fenugreek seeds

2 cups Ragi flour

2 tbsp. Rice flour
Salt to taste
Oil for roasting
Soak black gram, fenugreek together for 4 hours. Grind to a fine paste with water.
Mix rice flour and raagi flour in water and then add this to ground paste and mix well.

Batter should not be very thick, it is like semi-liquid.
Add salt and keep covered for whole night. So that it will ferment.
Next day beat the batter well. Heat the griddle and grease it with little oil.
Pour a ladleful of batter over the griddle and spread it quickly.
Make it thin and round dosas. Pour a teaspoonful of oil around the edges.

Cover with the lid and cook for few minutes until light brown.
Serve hot with any type of Chutney's Or Gojju's