Uddin Kadubu

Payaswini's Recipes

For Filling:
1 cup black gram

2 cups idli rava
1/2 cup bengal gram
1/2 cup mung beans (yellow moong dal)
1/2 cup grated fresh coconut
1/2 cup coconut pieces (cut into small pieces)
4-5 green chillies, chopped
1/2 tsp. pepper corn, crushed
1 tsp. cumin seeds
1/2 tsp. grated ginger
2 tbsp. chopped coriander leaves
pinch of asafoetida
1 tbsp. oil
Salt to taste.
Rice flour for dusting
For Dough:
2 cups Rice flour
2 cups Water
1 tbsp. Oil
Salt to taste
For Filling:
Soak black gram for 5 hours.
Grind smoothly by adding very little water, keep aside. (It should be thick)
Wash idli rave in warm water and strain. Mix it with the ground paste.(like idli batter)
Add salt and mix well. Cover the lid and keep this mixture for whole night.

Next day soak the bengal gram, moong dal together for 3 hours and drain.
Grind the dals to a coarse batter with the green chillies (not fine paste and do not add water)
Add this mixture to the idli batter and beat the batter well. Add grated coconut and pieces, crushed pepper,
cumin seeds, ginger, asafoetida, coriander leaves and mix well.
For Dough:
In a sauce pan boil water, when it's boiling add oil, salt to it. Add rice flour and mix well.
Stir constantly so that it becomes thick. Remove from the heat, cover and allow it to cool.

When it is warm, knead well and make small balls out of rice dough with the greased hand.
Roll them into oval shape rotis with the help of some rice flour.
Place a tablespoonful of filling into the center of rotis and fold it.

Take a cooker container or round plates which can fit in steamer or pressure cooker and grease it with oil.
Place these kadabus in a greased plate and steam it for 15 minutes.
After it is ready, take it out let it cool for 3 minutes and remove it.
Serve hot or cold with Coconut Chutney

Try also Kaayi Kadubu with this.